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I stumbled upon something that has changed how I will view movies at the theater from now on. My friend and I went to see Furious 7. When we were walking up the steps I notice two rows of orange racing style seats that said “reserved D-Box” on them. Intrigued I asked the usher for some more information. He explained that these are new seats that shake, move, and are synced up to the movie. He said if we wanted to upgrade my ticket it would be an extra eight dollars. Opting not to pay the extra we sat a couple rows behind the special seats. As soon as the movie began  I could feel the floor shake under me from the vibration and the heads of the folks who were in the seats bank left and right with every turn. I was instantly jealous that I hadn’t opened up the wallet for the upgrade.

Luckily as we were walking out of the theater they had a sample two seat row that you could try the seats out. To my surprise it was synced up to the Avengers trailer. Feeling every impact from the Hulk, and flying alongside Iron Man set the hook in my geeky heart.

                                       Dbox sample

I immediately reserved my seats for Avengers: Age of Ultron. While researching the company at http://www.d-box.com I was surprised to learn that you can purchase this technology for your home as well. Of course no prices were given and to avoid divorce I didn’t pursue that any further. However, the list of movies that you can sync to the system from home is very impressive. Many Disney films that include Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Toy Story, Tangled, etc. It’s not just animated movies they have a ton of action, comedies, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.

Finding a theater that has D-Box might be a challenge. Not many of them are equipped. I was lucky I only had a forty minute drive to experience this. I found out that it’s the only theater in Ohio that has them. I have to say one of the nice side effects of having these seats is you don’t have to worry about getting there early to get a good seat. They are assigned so once you buy the seat it’s yours.

When you first sit in the leather padded seat you feel almost like your in a Disney Park attraction seat (minus the lap bar or seat belt). They are very comfortable. I wish the headrest pad would have been a little higher, but I am 6’3 so most seats don’t reach that high. They do have a cup holder which is nice. I have to admit I was afraid my friends popcorn would come flying my way when Iron Man started his flight pattern. Thankfully as it turns out it didn’t. One feature my wife was appreciative for was you can adjust the strength of the motion and vibration. There is an easy to use ” + and – ” screen to your right that you can adjust throughout the movie if you wish. My friend and I of course put ours on full blast, while she choose more of the mid range level. Each of the seats are individual so you do get a little more room between the seats which is nice for me as well.

                           age of ultron

Once the movie started and the seat “initiates” for the first time you feel the power of the vibration. It is really amazing how it rotates around to simulate flying around buildings, landscapes, etc. It really does enhance the experience of watching a movie. Avengers played into this technology so well. Flying with Iron Man and War Machine was amazing! All the explosions, Hulk smashes, Black Widow motorcycle scenes, and who can forget Thor’s hammer ripping through robots. I have to admit there was a five minute gap where nothing happened to initiate anything in the seat and I really missed it. I was waiting for something exciting to happen so I could feel the movie again. When the movie ended I truly felt like I had experienced something unique and special. I highly recommend trying this out if you have a theater anywhere close to you.

The one downside is the price. I got mine through Fandango. It was a weekend night and with the convenience charge it was $23.00 per ticket. So this is not for your everyday movie, but for one that you know will be enhanced by the technology it’s worth it.

On a side note. They will be showing Disney’s Tomorrowland and I would hope Star Wars in these theaters as well. I will certainly be reserving my seats for those two.

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