Rumor Mill Review: of Ratatouille in World Showcase

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June 25th, 2017

By @DoleWhipDaily

Leading up to the D23 Expo there are a lot of rumors flying around the internet. One that has taken some foothold is the France pavilion at World Showcase adding a Ratatouille attraction. Construction permits have been filed by Disney for the space behind the current pavilion. As we all know permits and patents don’t always turn into physical results, but it is fun to talk about.

Being a chef myself I have loved Pixar’s Ratatouille movie since it came out in 2007. I think it is a very underrated film that has a great message. There are no real catchy songs for kids to have stuck in their brains like “Let It Go”. However, the characters, message, and overall story of the film are fantastic.

So lets first dive into the current state of EPCOT and World Showcase. We all know Future World is sorely lacking attractions, entertainment, and an overall draw for families. World Showcase is a foodie and alcoholic’s paradise, but not so family friendly. The addition of Frozen Ever After in Norway is the first step in what I believe is Disney’s way of converting World Showcase. I understand those who say that World Showcase should stay as is without bringing in films, characters, and “kiddie stuff”. As many of you know I am a purist of sorts when it comes to Walt Disney World. I was very against this initially. Lets be honest World Showcase is a place to eat, drink, and a hangout for locals to get drunk and act like morons (tourists get drunk and act like morons too). Without the constant year round “festivals” how many of you would go to EPCOT and spend any serious time there? With the additions to Animal Kingdom and eventually Hollywood Studios, EPCOT will become the new “half day park” if they don’t do something.We have all seen kids bored out of their minds as the parents are trying the amazing ethnic foods and drinks. We have also been in World Showcase past dark. When we see and hear people who are very intoxicated acting in ways children shouldn’t be around. Eventually something will have to give. You will never stop people from indulging too much, but there are ways to sway people in other directions.

Now lets dive into the delicious pot that is Ratatouille. If they decide to copy the Disneyland Paris version I think it would be a fun attraction. In the Paris version you are “shrunk” to the size of a rat and begin on the rooftop of Gusteau’s. You then fall through the roof and end up in the kitchen, which starts the chase sequence. This is a trackless dark ride that mixes in 3d technology. I have watched the ride video and it looks really fun. I would expect them to copy the attraction, because most visitors have never experienced the one in Paris so it would be an easier sell. They might “plus up” the technology some since the current attraction opened in 2014.

I fully expect us to hear more ideas that Disney has for EPCOT as the Expo gets underway.


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April 23rd, 2017

I have always been a fan of nature shows on tv and going to the zoo. I remember my grandparents would always have them on Saturday mornings when we would visit. Also, as most of you know from the podcast. I am a huge fan of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. When I learned that this years Disneynature film was on Asia, I was instantly hooked.

I went on a Friday evening around 5pm and the theater was disappointingly empty. There were a few people here and there. Also, if you go see this opening week Disney will donate in your honor to the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation, not the wrestlers). On a side note, one of my favorite things about Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the fact that you can donate to the Disney Conservation Fund.  Almost everywhere in the park you can donate and Disney will not only match your contribution, but you get a cool button as well.

Ok , back to the film. It opens and I have to admit I felt like I was on Soarin’. The sweeping cinematography over the vast landscape was breathtaking. The score from composer Barnaby Taylor fit right in with the theme and culture. We follow the “circle of life” of three animal families. The panda, golden monkey, and snow leopard. We meet them at birth and follow a years worth of seasons. The narration is wonderful. John Krasinski (most notably as Jim in the tv series The Office) delivers a very emotional, yet soothing voice to the film. The script allows you to feel personally connected to the animals. Some reviews I have read say it made them “too human like”, but that is what Disney does best. They allow you to become invested in the lives of animals as normally you wouldn’t be. For those of you wondering about small children and seeing this film. They do show the reality of nature. You do see death, but it isn’t in a graphic way. It is shown in a manner that conveys the true picture of the circle of life.

I love these films and highly recommend you see them. Especially, opening week to help the WWF. The soundtrack is also available on iTunes.