Sean is a lifelong Disney fan who has never grown up. While he might be married with 2 kids of his own there is still a little Peter Pan left in him. Sean has been a DVC Member since 2008 and enjoys bringing his family to Walt Disney World. In his spare time he does a weekly podcast called Enchanted Tiki Talk with the other 2 co-owners of this blog.  He is also a part time Travel Agent specializing in Walt Disney World. You may follow him on Twitter @1mindisneydream


Keith is a longtime Disney fan who calls Ohio home. His obsession has led him to start a fan site, podcast with two other Tiki Heads and irritate his non Disney friends and family to infinity and beyond. You can check out his site and follow him on Twitter @dolewhipdaily


Alan likes lots of stuff but is not a fan of Turkey Legs. You may find him on Twitter @normnb8s


Frequent Contributors

Scott Campbell

Scott is a Turkey Leg Lover as well. Not only is he a groupie for Enchanted Tiki Talk but he is often seen scavenging among other podcasts. You may find him on Twitter @scottacampbell


Dave Benter

Dave is has been a Disney fan his whole life. His frequent travels to Disneyland has made him into a Disney Addict. He now calls Ohio home but his heart will always be shaped like a hidden Mickey. You can follow Dave on Twitter @dabenter


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