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I realize that the selfie stick debate has raged in the Disney fan circles for quite some time. I have heard horror stories of guests almost losing eyes, avoiding bruises, and various other injuries. All at the hands of careless guests wielding this instrument of destruction. However, I wanted to give you pro selfie stick folks some other alternatives. Also, I want to give the Disney brass reasons for banning these things completely from the parks.

So lets start with the fact that many other places and events have already banned them. Examples include museums, The Kentucky Derby, soccer stadiums, large concert festivals, and even the Colosseum in Rome. Disneyland and Walt Disney World have banned them on attractions only, but lets be honest who can really stop them once they are in the park.

selfie stick2

Walt Disney World has a set list of “Prohibited Items” that is on their website. Among the various list of items there are a few that could vaguely include the dreaded stick.

  • Large tripods– Yes I know “tri” means three. However, this can include large monopods that cannot be folded into a backpack.
  • Weapons of any kind, or objects that appear to be weapons– from the stories I have heard I’m sure the selfie sticks could appear to be weapons.
  • Other items that we determine may be harmful or disruptive– I think this one clearly speaks for itself.

selfie stick3 dad for disneyPhoto from www.dadfordisney.com

I can hear some of you saying “well how can we get all of us in one picture”. Lucky for you I have a couple tips that are time tested to work. Your first option is to buy the Memory Maker package. I know it can be costly, but when you think about all that is included now (editing, extra magic, ride photos, ride videos, etc) it really is nice to have. Make sure to purchase it in advance of your trip to save some money. All of the Memory Maker photographers are usually happy to take your pictures with your own camera if you ask. Of course you don’t get all of the magical features, but you do save quite a bit of money. Your second option is to just ask another guest to take your picture. I am always happy to take someones picture for them. Disney Karma is real and I never miss a chance to add some to my account.

Now I am going to help the Disney Company realize that banning these selfie sticks completely is “good for business” as they say.

  • Higher sales of the Memory Maker package– This one should seem pretty obvious
  • Higher guest satisfaction– The two things I hear complaints more than any now are: Selfie Sticks during parades/shows and flash photography on attractions. Note to flash users. you will get a better picture in the dark of something that is lit if you don’t use the flash!
  • Lower chance of guest injury– I am really shocked we haven’t heard any stories of someone getting seriously injured being hit or poked. Not to mention the possibility of a lawsuit.
  • Keeping unfinished magic hidden– With all of the new projects coming up in the next few years guests will be eager to leak news. You can easily hold the sticks over the construction walls to get sneak peeks and ruin the magic for the rest of us.

I will end with my own two cents about the topic. I am a firm believer in the Disney Parks being a place to escape real life. A place where you can immerse yourself into a world of fantasy, magic, and fun. Using a selfie stick is really a selfish act by someone who only thinks of themselves and not the enjoyment of others around them. I think of selfie sticks in the same way I do Ipadography, cutting in front of others at parades, putting your kids on your shoulders in front of others, etc. It is just a lack of courtesy.

I would love to hear from both sides of this argument. Please comment below or let me know on the Tiki hotline 1-256-4My-Tiki